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Qualified and experienced solutions for Western Australian mining operations.

Mining Engineering

Setup of Technical Department – BCS is committed to assisting clients to set up optimal technical services departments by designing and implementing workable procedures, system and processes.

Drill and blast designs – BCS ensures our clients maximise ore recovery and minimise dilution by using optimal design parameters and patterns based on the site-specific conditions and requirements. Stope, Drill and Blast designs can be done on offsite using the site’s preferred design software package.

Mine Design, Planning and Scheduling – our team co-ordinates with the client to produce clear, realistic and achievable mine plans and schedules using the latest mining software packages and technology.

BCS offers Mine Operational Support and Improvements. Our skilled Mining Engineers possess significant site-based experience, and have worked with different mining methods in varying commodities. We use multiple state of the art software packages that assist our clients in drill and blast, mine planning and design, scheduling, mine management and hold statutory ticketed positions on a short- or long-term contract basis.


BCS has the capability of providing our clients with highly skilled and experienced geologist that can assist with:

  • Daily Production geology tasks
  • Core Logging
  • Drillhole design and Planning
  • Geological Modelling
  • Mineral Resource Estimation

BCS has the capability of providing our clients with highly skilled and experienced Surveyors that can assist with all site survey requirements such as:

  • Drill hole markups
  • Set out and pickup of all grade control drilled holes
  • CMS
  • EOM Reporting


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